Argentinian Steak at Ocean Beach Ibiza


When your chef is Argentinian (and proud!), it goes without saying that the star dish on your menu is a classic cut of Argentinian beef, and at Ocean Beach Ibiza, chef Luciano Scardaccione‘s take on traditional steak doesn’t fail to satisfy! Served on a hearty chunk of potato gratin and drizzled with foie gras sauce, there’s nothing quite like savouring the flavour of that first bite…

Locally caught Rotja at Atzaro Beach


One of the highlights of the new Mediterranean-infused gastronomic menu at Atzaro Beach in 2014 is the locally caught Ibiza or Formentera fish,’rotja’, delivered fresh to the restaurant on a daily basis from trusted fishermen. Cooked slowly to perfection in the oven and served with potatoes, green pepper and avocado, it is a traditional style paying homage to the restaurant’s heritage.

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Ibiza recipe: Boletus Mushroom Risotto by The Giri Cafe


Risotto has an undeserved reputation as a complicated dish to prepare. People say there’s too much to prepare, too much stirring, not enough time… excuses, excuses! When we found out The Giri Café head chef Xavier Doménech Moreno can whip up the restaurant’s delicious boletus mushroom risotto in just 18 minutes, we had to learn the secret. Because the result – a rich and creamy, perfectly fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth risotto – tastes very far from simple! Xavi assures us however, it’s very simple to prepare and in fact, even difficult to overcook! Read more

Sambousek at Patchwork


Traditional Lebanese Sambousek are one of the star attractions on the menu at Patchwork, the rooftop restaurant above Sa Punta and when you taste them you’ll know why… it’s love at first bite! A buttery pastry filled with deliciously flavoured ground lamb or melt-in-your-mouth cheese, perfect for dipping and sharing – the problem is, they’re so good, one portion isn’t always enough!

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Monkfish toast at Atzaro Restaurant


One of head chef Javier Fabo’s custom creations from the beautiful La Veranda Night Restaurant in Atzaro is the light and tasty monkfish, served atop of toasted homemade bread smeared with lush, ripe avocado, then topped with a citrusy lemon alioli before being placed under a grill for the finishing, crispy touch. A great starter to share or a light meal for a hot summer night.

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Secreto Iberico at Deco Restaurant, Es Vive


One of the star dishes on Es Vive head chef Juan Dechecco‘s modern Mediterranean menu at Deco restaurant is the ‘Secreto Iberico‘ – a cut of pork (shoulder) that is so sweet and tender, it’s unlike any other grilled meat you’ve tasted before. Grilled to perfection, and served up alongside baby vegetables that have been steamed and perfectly crisp roast potatoes, with a splash of ‘lemon air’ – a foamy sauce to give the entire dish a citrusy zing!

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Galician Octopus Brochette at Estado Puro


From the ‘Las Clasicas‘ section of the tapas menu at hot new Ibiza restaurant Estado Puro – housed within the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza – is Spanish celeb chef Paco Roncero‘s twist on the traditional Galician Octopus. While normally, the steamed squid is served atop a bed of steamed potatoes, Roncero prefers to slice it into tender, bite sized morsels on a skewer, served alongside a light and fluffy potato mousse.

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