Ibiza style setter: What Maya wears – Hazy days

There is a wonderful Ibiza style exhibition on at the moment at the peerless Centro Cultural S’Alamera in Vara de Rey (check it out – there is always some fabulous and free photography exposition happening). This one is a tribute to that most whimsical of Ibicenco fashion movements – the seventies ‘Ad Lib‘ style – and makes me dream of living in Ibiza in times past. Read more

Ibiza style setter: What Maya Wears – The thing about vintage

Ibiza style setter: What Maya wears: The thing about vintage...

What Maya Wears: The thing about vintage - Photography by Eva Kruiper

Vintage clothes are really weird in the way they divide people – some people LOVE them (me), some people LOATHE them (my sister) and some people can’t think of anything worse than walking even a metre in a (potentially) dead woman’s clothes, let alone a mile in a dead man’s shoes. Read more

Ibiza style setter: What Maya Wears – Halloween Chic

Ibiza style setter: What Maya Wears - Halloween Chic

What Maya Wears: Halloween Chic - photography by Ana Lui

Halloween chic. If it ever stops raining in Ibiza, i’ll take off this jacket I PROMISE.  Until then, she stays.

Tonight my wingman Kitt Proudfoot (unreservedly my favourite DJ in the world) and I are whizzing to the fourth birthday of Nassau Beach Club. Which is on the beach. It’s raining so hard it’s quite ridic and the fireworks which usually mark the end of the annual Medieval Festival have been replaced with lightning. Lush.

So, we cover up. And we do it in BLACK for reasons of STEALTH and other things too. Read more