6-Day Yoga in the Village Retreat

James De Maria’s Yoga In The Village retreat focuses on the physical and philosophical nature of yoga.

The root cause of most people’s tension is their inability to connect to their surroundings and other people. People carry hate, fear, anger and they become more fragmented and the sense of one-ness is lost.

Through social conditioning, we lose our natural feeling to move without inhibitions. Adults become more socially trained, more rigid, less expressive – our society almost demands it!

Learning the many gifts of yoga is not a discovery. It is a re-discovery.

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Featured workshop: Autumn Revival

M Wellness

To help you embrace the seasonal change, M Wellness present a special workshop featuring wellness, skincare, hair, make-up and more, with tips and consultations from island experts including Dr Abi Woodward, Larah Davis, Smack Ibiza and Louisa Mason Cooper. Not only will you learn life-enhancing wellness skills, skincare tips, learn new trends in hair and make-up, but also discover the vintage shopping corner, watch burlesque demonstrations and more!

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Featured Ibiza Retreat: Heart Medicine

buddha house-50

Through a deep cleansing through sound, a solid detox, yoga, dance, visualizations and group interactions we help you to find your inner balance and to integrate this newly found balance and insights into your daily life. 
The combined energies of your hosts Ilona Pantel-Ayal and Maureen Ji will certainly lead you to a profound experience. Read more

Featured Ibiza retreat: 10-day Pranayama & Meditation

Featured Ibiza retreat: 10 day Pranayama & Meditation

Retreat: Intensive Seminar on Pranayama & Meditation
July 8 – 17, 2011
10 days Location: Ibiza Moving Arts
Alexander Peters, Healing Center Sonne & Mond, Berlin
1190,00€ all inclusive

About the retreat: Join us for a seminar on Pranayama and Meditation with Alexander Peters of the Healing Center Sonne & Mond, Berlin. Read more

Featured Ibiza retreat: 5-day Just Stop!

Ibiza Retreats, Ibiza Wellbeing

Retreat: Just Stop!
5 days all-inclusive
Saturday May 28 – June 1, 2011
San Miguel, Ibiza
Larah Davis and Rebekah Fensome
£790 (+ optional extras)

About the retreat: Just Stop! is tailored for you personally, day by day, by a team of wellbeing experts. Come alone or with a friend to enjoy yoga, meditation, life coaching, wellness coaching and life-enhancing workshops plus your choice of pampering, healing treatments. Read more

Ibiza interview: Ilona Pantel-Ayal, Buddha House

Photography by Eli Zuta

After watching Barbet Schroeder’s iconic Ibiza film More in 1972, Ilona Pantel-Ayaal had only one island on her mind. Ibiza was calling the 16-year old German schoolgirl, so in the late ’70s she enrolled in studies in Barcelona and once holiday time arrived, she hopped on the first boat to the white isle… and has called it home ever since. Today, she is a trained psychologist and doctoral approved fasting guide, running a variety of retreats within her own beautifully created haven of Buddha House here in Ibiza. Read more