Old becomes new: Project by Amber Developments

Amber Developments

This time last year, Gray Gillot of Amber Developments was contracted to work on the design, development and project management of a completely dilapidated, uninhabitable, small 200-year old finca in the island’s northern countryside, given the task to increase the property size while respecting the architectural style of the original house. And of course, to make it completely liveable for its new owners! Read more

Trusting in creativity: Katrina Phillips Interiors villa project


After giving a long and impassioned speech to a customer in her Portobello Road store about loving the nature and simplicity of Ibiza, and feeling as though the modern houses didn’t acknowledge it properly, interior designer Katrina Phillips – who spends her time between London and Ibiza – was surprised a year later when the same customer returned, saying she’d bought a house in Ibiza and would like her to decorate it! Read more

New! Vivenda Pitiusa, Ibiza interior design


Specialising in contemporary Italian decor and furnishings, Ibiza interior design experts Vivenda Pitiusa are passionate about combining style and functionality while integrating with the surroundings. Each new project is taken on with a personal approach, by getting to know each client, their lifestyle and taste, needs and wants and above all, understanding the space in question. Read more

Katrina Phillips – The real Ibiza


“I’m very happy here,” says Ibiza interior designer Ibiza Katrina Phillips of her home base in San Juan. “I feel like this is the real Ibiza. The neighbourhood shop is open all year round, I see my neighbour taking his dog and his horse for a walk every day – and when I open my window, it’s like the most beautiful picture window out into the countryside.”  Read more