Ibiza style setter: What Maya Wears – Just peachy

What Maya Wears: Just Peachy

OK, so BASICALLY there are two things a girl can count on in life. Number one is that peach will NEVER fail you with a tan. Ever.

Peach is hot. Peach is cool. Peach won’t let you down. Why? Because peach KNOWS that YOU know that peach ONLY HANGS OUT IN SUMMER. Admit it – you’ve never seen peach peeking out of a new season coat in autumn. Nobody ever woke up on Christmas Day and though ‘Hey, you know what? Imma gonna throw on my little peach playsuit today.’ They didn’t. Ever. Fact.

Why? Because peach HATES pale skin. Pale skin is to peach what cocaine is to nice food – ruins it completely. Peach says LATES to whiteness.

What Maya Wears: Just Peachy

But oh gosh. The glorious, glorious golden hue that alights on a tan that has been subtly enhanced with an apricot tone is second to none.

What Maya Wears: Just Peachy

Peach is the colour of that nostalgic late summer glow that’s somehow settled it’s diffusing light over your entire childhood. Peach is post-sunset cocktails when the sand gets cold. Peach is driving home with the top down and Fleetwood Mac on and the beach towel over your knees to keep warm. Peach is the colour of your glass of rosado as the sun comes up over the terrace. Peach is the surreal flash of flamingoes over the salt flats driving home at 6am.

However bad things are, peach is knowing that you can always rely on peach.

(Number two is that Mark Ronson is totes hot)

What Maya Wears: Just Peachy

GOLD LATTICEWORK LEATHER SHOES – Made to order from Las Pepas, Buenos Aires
LEATHER TRIM BASKET – Daura’s Supermarket, Marina Botafoch
TAN – Ibiza
ALL JEWELLERY – www.daisyjewellery.com

Extras: Marits Roberts, Kitt Proudfoot, Mark Ronson, Sunny Ramzan, Nick Hadfield, Eddie Thoenick

SHOT ON LOCATION AT:  Mambo, Pikes, Pacha

What Maya Wears: Just Peachy