When sex doesn’t matter


When Lady Gaga played Wonderland at Eden last year she was relatively well known, but since then… well now even my mum knows who she is!  La Gaga has been making headlines (again) this week as she’s featured in the Japanese version of Vogue Hommes, dressed as… a man! Not a drag king or anything vaguely theatrical, but as your average Joe – Joe Calderone in fact, a mechanic from Sicily!

She looks pretty damn good as a bloke if you ask me – and half the world’s gaga-ing media, even if they are still all asking the question – is it, or isn’t it?

Also in the news this month has been Lea T, the Brazilian transgender model Givenchy appointed to front its 2010 Autumn/Winter campaign.  Born Leandro Cerezo, Lea is currently undergoing hormone replacement therapy in preparation for a full sex change, all power to her, and she looks a hell of a lot better than I do first thing in the morning… that’s her in the red lipstick!


To cut to the chase, all this cross dressing is pretty topical, because this year at reVOLVER we’ve had LOTS of people buying things that were intended to be worn by the opposite sex. People often come in, pick something up and ask me if it’s for men or women. My answer is always ‘yes!’ This is Ibiza after all. Some people are a bit taken aback, but in general the Ibiza crowd is more interested in whether they like something and whether it suits them, rather than which side of the shop it’s hanging in.

We have had many more men buying women’s clothes than the other way around this year – DJs in particular (one has bought eight women’s tees this summer so far!), but notably I spied a certain artist in this month’s Pacha Magazine who wore a Twenty8Twelve top to the launch of his latest exhibition – for the record, it looked great!

It’s not just t-shirts however… I can’t name any names but a very famous DJ told me he always wears women’s jeans (and he has giant feet too so they must be very uncomfortable!).

The Ibiza club scene has always had an element of cross dressing, be it as part of the costumes, a deliberate sexual statement or just for fashion, so it’s not surprising that it’s happening on the street as well. Fortunately I’ve not seen any Borat style mankinis on Sa Trinxa (and David Beckham’s sarong has also not been repeated – phew!) but it’s good to see the Ibiza crowd continue to push fashion boundaries and look good at the same time!

So, as they say, sex sells…  but here in Ibiza, at the end of the day it just doesn’t matter. Fashion sells!