Cocktail Hour: The Giri Cafe


Step inside the right hand door to The Giri Cafe in San Juan – not the main entrance, but the intruiging smaller little door right by it – and you’ll discover one of our favourite watering holes! Yes, it’s still The Giri Cafe, but this high, low-lit, New York style bar makes us feel as thought we’ve stepped through a magic portal into another world!

The bespoke and classic cocktail menu is one of the island’s best, using Mediterranean ingredients plucked straight from The Giri garden and infusing them into delicious concoctions such as the Rosemary Bellini, the Cosmoflower and the Basil Negroni, complete with homemade basil caviar floating on top. Of course, you can also order cocktails straight to your table or sun lounger in the garden… but we like to mix things up every now and again!

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Dish of the day: Wild Sea Bass Ceviche at Sa Punta


Wild sea bass, avocado, citrus fruit and coriander – mmmyum! The Wild Sea Bass Ceviche at Sa Punta by Rita & Rodolphe provides the perfect zingy, zesty blend for a hot summer night in Ibiza, light, fresh and chock-full of flavours. Whether you order as a starter to share, or as your very own main course, we can pretty much guaranteed that you’ll finish every last morsel, so tasty is this take on Peruvian tradition.

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Miss W’s secrets #11: More than meets the eye – Bambuddha


As I tottered into the grand estate that is Bambuddha last night – and when I say tottered, I mean literally, in a pair of wedge heels that made me tower over my friend and wonder if this is what life feels like for a supermodel – I couldn’t help but feel like I was visiting a friend from many years ago who was all grown up now – like the cool girl from school who just got cooler with age.

Having been to Bambuddha about oh, I don’t know, a zillion times over the past decade, I’ve seen a lot of subtle changes, and then last year, the final metamorphosis into the amazing restaurant that stands today. My naughty little playmate is now a sexy, sophisticated hostess with the mostess, one I look forward to spending even more time with in the future… I think I have a crush! Continue reading

Dish of the day: Sauteed squid at The Orange Tree, Atzaro


In search of a light, summery meal perfect for those hot July and August nights? Look no further than The Orange Tree restaurant – the night only restaurant within the magical gardens of Atzaro – where the expert chefs sautee fresh squid and serve it on a bed of lush green peas and edamame beans. Additional flavour comes courtesy of a homemade dashi stock (seaweed based), giving the squid a slightly Japanese taste.

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Dish of the day: Chich Taouk at Patchwork


Fresh from the Lebanese grill at hot new Ibiza rooftop restaurant Patchwork – atop the famous Sa Punta by Rita and Rodolphe – is the delicious, traditional Chich Taouk, served with tabouleh and rice with sliced almonds. Succulent chunks of chicken served on a skewer, seasoned with garlic and lemon and served with a savoury sauce, it’s one of the star dishes from the main menu, and pretty much love at first bite!

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Dish of the day: Bufala Burrata at La Veranda


Whether as a starter to share, or your very own dish, the creamy Bufala Burrata salad served at La Veranda restaurant – in the beautiful Agroturismo Atzaro complex – is one of the best on the island. Flown in from Italy, the creamy handmade cheese is served on a bed of rocket and pistachio pesto, with homemade toast and a generous dollop of tomato and vanilla jam… sweet, savoury and sour all in one dish!

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Meet the chef (again!): Juan Dechecco, Deco & Hotel Es Vive


White Ibiza first met chef Juan Dechecco in 2010 (read the original interview here), as he took over the reins of the busy Hotel Es Vive restaurant. Over the past four years, the hotel restaurant, its menu and clientele have been constantly evolving – today, what was once a boisterous poolside bar is now the chic, classy Deco restaurant, serving up light bites and lunch by day and elegant, contemporary cuisine by night.

Intrinsically understanding his clientele’s culinary needs, Argentinean-born Juan runs the Deco kitchen with utmost professionalism and an ever-present desire to keep the menus fresh, creative and delicious from morning until night. Whether it’s perfectly poached Eggs Benedict, sharing plates of tapas or a fine dining creation you desire, you’ll find something to tempt your tastebuds on his carefully crafted menus. Continue reading