Miss W’s blog: Ushuaia Beach Hotel 2011 opening review

Ushuaia Beach Hotel, Opening Party, Ibiza 2011

Photography by AIEBE fotografía

If you’re anything like me, you would have been counting down the days until the official Ushuaia Beach Hotel opening party all year. If you went one step further, you might just have booked yourself a room…

With hordes of people milling outside the hotel, Miss W and the White-ettes shimmied past security with a quick flash of a press pass then swanned through the shiny new lobby space to arrive at the giant, festival-style stage where Cadenza DJs Reboot and Robert Dietz already had the packed dance floor in the palms of their hands.

It was the polar opposite to the empty, quiet hotel we’d visited earlier in the week for a sneak preview! Gorgeous retro-styled dancers were perched in Veuve Clicquot buckets in the pool or prancing around the podiums, giant green frogs, white alligators, black cats and other pieces of whimsical décor…

Beautiful dancers aside, there were beautiful people everywhere – the layout of the hotel means there are so many different ways to enjoy the party and watch it unfold, whether from the comfort of your room’s terrace (which I must admit, was my favourite place after we quickly made some new friends with rooms!), from the middle of the thumping, raving dancefloor, from an elevated position by the pool, from the plush VIP areas or reclined on tables chairs and couches towards the beach end of the venue.

No matter what your personal party style, you’ll find a spot to indulge in it at Ushuaia!

Ushuaia Beach Hotel, Opening Party, Ibiza 2011

Photography by AIEBE fotografía

We spotted an entire table of Pacha-peeps, some looking like it had All Gone Pete Tong at the opening the night before, others clinging to their iPads as if they’d never had a day off in their lives (or perhaps they were taking notes?) and a few more looking quite chuffed, given it was their Cadenza cohorts providing the day’s tuneage.

No matter where you looked, it was like a fashion show and I was so impressed by the amount of effort people had gone to for this event. In fact, poor little Miss W felt so frumpy in her flip flops (excuse me, but I thought it was a pool party!) she gallantly offered to switch shoes with a White-ette whose partied-out tootsies couldn’t take any more dancing in heels. Good deed of the day, done!

But back to the party. As the sun went down over the San Jose hills, it was the picture perfect pink-to-purple spectacle Playa d’en Bossa is known for. But as always with an Ushuaia party, as the sun went down, the action heated up and the visual stimulation continued with some amazing white dove-shaped parachute balloons hovering on the skyline, and enormous Marshmallow Men careening through the crowds, hi-fiving and hugging anyone in their path. Sounds weird? It wasn’t – it felt like the most natural thing in the world.

Because that’s the beauty of Ushuaia… anything could happen, and quite frequently does!

Ushuaia Beach Hotel, Opening Party, Ibiza 2011

Photography by AIEBE fotografía


THE GOOD: Everything, everything, everything! I felt like I had discovered the future of Ibiza’s party scene. The hedonistic Ibiza vibe that seems to have fallen by the wayside over the past few years was back was back with a shiny new vengeance – this was the people’s party. You wanted outdoor clubbing? You got it. Long live the new Ushuaia!

THE BAD: There are always teething problems with a new venue or new party, and in the case of Ushuaia, the drink ticketing system seemed to be causing chaos. Sure, we understand the need to control the cashflow and consumption in a place of this size, but with the instructions on how and where to get drinks could have been a lot clearer… Due to the sheer volume of peeps waiting for service, it was hard to tell whether you were at a ticket counter or bar at times! Oh well… there certainly could be worse things to complain about!

THE GOSSIP: They were calling it ‘The Unexpected Party’ which I must admit, I thought was pretty ridic, considering it was emblazoned all over billboards and the internet for months prior to the event, making it hardly unexpected after all – in fact, it was one of the most hotly anticipated parties of the year. Sadly, the most unexpected thing was the absence of headline DJ Luciano, due to personal reasons, and while some people may have expected the crowds to be smaller or less enthusiastic, it turns out the show must go on, as Cadenza DJ Michel Cleis unexpectedly stepped into the booth and kept the party at its peak until the very end.


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